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The Saint Andrew Society of Carolina has sponsored a collection of books relating to Scotland and Scottish Heritage at the Queens University here in Charlotte, NC. This collection, initially begun as gifts from our members personal libraries, and later by selected purchases, has grown in size and is one of the finest collection of it kind in the area.

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Everett Library at Queens University, Charlotte, NC, ( was chosen as the site for a generous gift of Scottish literature previously located in the home libraries of members of the St. Andrew Society of Carolina.

Board Members of the Society realized that each of the members collected rare and valuable Scottish Literature books. As a Society project for 2004, the Board sought an appropriate site for members to donate their books so that these books may be preserved and serve the Scottish Literature research needs of the Charlotte community and region.


Collection Location

Located in the Rena Harrell Special Collections Room in Everett Library of Queens University of Charlotte, the 300+ volumes include books on Scottish history, folklore, culture, and fiction.  It is the hope of the Society that a book of some significance may be added each year to continually enhance the collection. 

If you have questions or wish to use some of these resources in this collection, you are encouraged to contact Carolyn Radcliff, MLS, Director of the Library at 704 337 2400.

Saint Andrew Society of Carolina Book Collection

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