Saint Andrew Society of Carolina - Our purpose:

  1. To promote social and friendly intercourse among persons of Scottish descent who are resident in the two Carolinas.

  2. To encourage and promote the study and preservation of the history, folklore, literature, music and tradition of Scotland.

  3. To do good works among persons of Scottish descent residing in the vicinity.

The Society is non-sectarian and non-political.

We invite you to contact us using the form posted on the "Contact Us" page on this website. We look forward to receive your comments, suggestions or questions. Members may submit appropriate information, link suggestions, etc. using this form.

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The photos below are sample photos taken at the Saint Andrew's Day Dinner, December 2008.
Please visit our "Pictures" page to view or download photos from other events, including the latest Saint Andrew's Day Dinner.

Here's to it! 
The fighting sheen of it, 
The yellow, the green of it, 
The white, the blue of it, 
The swing, the hue of it, 
The dark, the red of it, 
Every thread of it.

The fair have sighed for it, 
The brave have died for it, 
Foemen sought for it, 
Heroes fought for it. 
Honour the name of it, 
Drink to the fame of it - 
(Murdoch Maclean)

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